My favorite types of images aren't your classic portraits.  They're the pictures that tell a story, show personality and are engaging.  Therefore my style is very relaxed and open to the moment, as I want you to be. 

I do not rely heavily on props, posing or positioning but rather may suggest a pose or grouping and see how it develops from there.  Siblings and families often meld together into what's comfortable for them based on their own family dynamics and in doing so, create a portrait that looks natural and comfortable. 

I will recommend locations, times of day and make clothing suggestions but will let the session play itself out.  I strive to take images of people being themselves.  If they aren't smiling or always looking at the camera that's ok.  I want you to be able to look at your pictures and say, "yes, that's (fill in the blank)."  I feel this is the best type of portrait, as it catches a moment in time of you, your spouse or your child doing what he or she does best, being themselves.

In regards to your final digital images. I go through all the photos taken at our session and pick the best ones from our shoot. The number of digital images I choose is based on the session package. I then edit that number of photos and send them over to you in a dropbox link. Every photographer is different in how they present their final images and this way has worked perfectly throughout the years. Additional images are available for purchase upon request or if we have many additional images. I do not offer unedited galleries for you to choose your final images from. I hope that you hired me to select the best in the bunch and provide you with some beautiful photos.


Simple or funky, it's up to you!.  Solid colors, jeans, sundresses, etc. are great for creating timeless portraits.  I suggest avoiding logos/words or distracting patterns.  Embellished, layered and textured clothing in addition to hats, scarves and belts can be a great way to give a more modern look to your images.  I suggest bringing more than one outfit and can assist you in choosing outfits to get the desired look your for your portraits.  Bare skin is my favorite for newborns and babies.  Bare feet are also great at any age!  If you are being photographed in a group, coordinating clothing is best (like color and style) but not matchy-matchy.
This is a great read to help you with outfit ideas: paint the moon


This is such an amazing time and a fabulous way to document the changes occurring in your family!  I suggest scheduling your maternity session to take place between 32-34 weeks.  I find mom's to be most comfortable at this stage.  





I love photographing newborns!  If you are interested in a newborn session please contact me during your pregnancy so that I can reserve your session.  Even though your due date will most likely not be the date you deliver, by contacting me beforehand we will have you on our calendar.  I recommend conducting newborn sessions when baby is 10 days or younger.  They are still sleepy and they haven't figured out that they can stretch their arms and legs yet!  This allows me to get those great squishy newborn photos.