I’d love to introduce myself… honestly, I think Instagram is onto something with making us describe ourselves in 150 characters or less, so I’ll do that here...

Wife • Mom to 2 • Photographer • Lover of Light & Candid Emotion. Smile Seeker • In Love with my Bubble • Creamy Coffee Junkie.

Yes! That felt good… but here is a little more about what you really want to know about me...

My business started in 2010, but blew up to a full time gig in 2012. A huge reason for that was working to find my style and what set me apart as an artist… I’m best liked for my lifestyle and simplistic driven style. My work is simple portrait and lifestyle photography and I love natural light, shooting at sunset, sweet details, capturing the natural connections, watching families just being real with each other.   I love finding the moments of real life and love that you are NOT looking at my camera, the moments when your family is just being you… fun, chaotic, crazy, full of all the feels. Honestly, that is what I look for in photography for my own family, and that is what I give my clients.  In the end, we will likely both walk away feeling like our time together was all about your love as a family and that is just the feeling that makes me love what I do!

I love to shoot on location outdoors at picturesque parks, in a field, an urban setting (my favorite was on top of a parking garage in the city), in client’s homes, and in my studio in Glen Ellyn, IL.

This is my little troop… my husband is amazing and these two kiddos are the sweetest in the world!


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